About COR


COR relies on more than 20 years of experience across our associates and deep expertise in planning and support for Facility management projects.

Our team includes experts in operations, maintenance, infrastructure, training and knowledge management, characterization and procedures writing, tenders writing and more.

Company managers, Yoav Forer and Michael Kaplun, serve as consultants for offices and government’s committees, public agencies, local authorities, entrepreneurs and real estate.

Many years of experience in planning and accompanying projects in the various areas of operation.

Savings of up to 30% of construction costs and operating costs

Why Us?

500+ projects completed

Over the years, COR has gained experience in projects of national size, such as the city of the Baha'is, the Fire and Rescue Campus, and the entrance district to the city of Jerusalem.

280+ Satisfied customers

COR works with the largest companies in the Israeli economy and has extensive experience in the private and public sector with entities such as the Ministry of Defense, Discount Bank, Mobilai, the Ministry of Internal Security, the IDF, Ayalon Highways, Africa Israel and more.

Professional and skilled staff

COR employs the most skilled and experienced professionals in the various fields of operation and maintenance. The company's employees provide a professional, high-quality and skilled response to our customers in a variety of areas and issues.

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    Experience first

    Our Team

    Yoav Forer

    Managing Partner

    Michael Kaplun

    Managing Partner

    Shlomi Shefer

    Head engineer and managing partner

    Ariye Elkoby

    Senior consultant and manager of maintenance section

    Ifat Tzalel


    moshe elfandri

    Senior Project Manager

    Shimi Eliel

    project manager

    sharon naziri

    project manager

    Natasha Voskoboinik

    Senior consultant PMO manages the field of operational design

    Diana Ginzburg

    Project Manager

    roee zabary

    project manager

    doron aharon

    Project Manager

    mor francis

    bookkeeping and control of contracts and budgets

    Noam Aizner

    Senior consultant and manager of the Sanitation and waste field

    michael traiberg

    project manager

    dor davidyan

    Business Development Manager

    Hadas dahari

    bookkeeping and control of contracts and budgets