Maintenance Consulting
Give the developer the opportunity to anticipate how the structure will operate, maintain and ensure satisfied customers and users.
Operations Consulting
Designed to assist the organization in improving and utilizing processes with the help of advanced equipment and technologies.
Construction Support Operations
Unique services that include preparation of an organizational operational program and full characterization of operational and maintenance needs.
Consulting for Transportation Projects
The company staff has developed a unique standard for operating transportation terminals, setting up new terminals and renovating existing ones.
Operation & Maintenance Estimate
Conducted by professionals in the fields of operation and maintenance while objectively examining the situation at the facility.
Preparing Maintenance Tenders
Writing a tender that is suitable and unique to the organization from an economic, operational and high-level professional perspective.
Building Test
Use of effective tools to integrate aspects of operation and maintenance in the life cycle of the building.

About COR

COR relies on expertise and many years of experience

Of planning and accompanying projects in the various areas of operation (Facility Management).
The company's staff includes experts in operations, maintenance, infrastructure, training and knowledge management, characterization and writing of procedures, tenders and more. The company's directors, Yoav Forer and Michael Kaplon, serve as advisors to government ministries and committees, public bodies, authorities, developers and real estate companies, and more.

Company expertise

The company's team consists of consultants with experience in about 20 different disciplines: maintenance, cleaning, security, medicine, rescue and evacuation, sanitation, gardening, warehouses and inventory, armament, finishing and construction, maintenance of systems and buildings, accessibility, traffic, service flow, external and internal logistics and more.

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Why COR?

500+ Projects completed

Over the years, COR has gained experience in projects of national size, such as the city of the Baha'is, the Fire and Rescue Campus, and the city's entrance district. With a unique experience behind us, we offer our clients the most professional, reliable and high-quality service that can be obtained.

280+ Satisfied customers

COR works with the largest companies in the Israeli economy and has extensive experience in the private and public sector with entities such as the Ministry of Defense, Discount Bank, Mobilai, the Ministry of Internal Security, the IDF, Ayalon Highways, Africa Israel and more.

Professional and skilled staff

COR employs the most skilled and experienced professionals in the various fields of operation and maintenance. The company's employees provide a professional, high-quality and skilled response to our customers in a variety of areas and issues.

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    Projects in Israel


    Ayalon Highway Company

    Karmiel terminal planning

    Ayalon Highway Company

    Yagur terminal planning

    רובע כניסה לעיר- ירושלים
    The entrance district -Jerusalem
    רובע כניסה לעיר- ירושלים
    The entrance district -Jerusalem
    רובע כניסה לעיר- ירושלים
    The entrance district -Jerusalem
    רובע כניסה לעיר- ירושלים
    The entrance district -Jerusalem
    Haifa Bay Central Railway Station
    Haifa Cable Car
    Haifa Cable Car
    City Square Raanana
    The parking lot square Ramat Gan
    The Comprehensive School (YUD DALET)- Rishon Lezion
    קרן תחזוקה
    Discount Bank Campus- Rishon Lezion

    The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company

    IDF Training Campus


    Neot Hovav
    אחזקה מונעת
    Beach promenade - Eilat
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