COR relies on more than 20 years of experience across our associates and deep expertise in planning and support for Facility management projects.

Our team includes experts in operations, maintenance, infrastructure, training and knowledge management, characterization and procedures writing, tenders writing and more.

Company managers, Yoav Forer and Michael Kaplun, serve as consultants for offices and government’s committees, public agencies, local authorities, entrepreneurs and real estate companies.


Operational Design - Unique Service

Organizational operational program: a full characterization of the operation and maintenance needs during the operating period, planning and construction process support and preparation for operation and implementation for optimal facility management.

Project's Planning and Support

Support complex projects, from the facility management perspective, PPP, BOT, PFI, DBOT project characterization and tenders writing and project management.

Facility Management planning

Designing operations and maintenance's, management and execution of operational execution, management and execution of integration among users, operational support as auditor and consulting services for integrative facility management (IFM).

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of the Construction and operating costs


The Israeli National Police Training Center

IDF Cluster Training City In The Negev

GateWay Jerusalem - City Entrance

ניהול תחזוקה מונעת בידי מומחים


Ra'anana City Square

Unitized supply centers

Square and Parking in Ramat-Gan

The Comprehensive School (Yud Dalet)

Rishon LeZion

The Comprehensive School (Yud Gimel)

Rishon LeZion

Beit Hayedidut, Jerusalem

The Fire Brigade Campus, Rishon Lezion

The Sportech Arazim, Jerusalem

Pierre Koenig Parking Lot, Jerusalem


Managing Partner
Michael Kaplun
Managing Partner
Yoav Forer
Chief Engineer
Shlomi Shefer
Business Development Manager
Amit Bakshi
Project Manager
Issac Dabush
Director of Operational Design

Yossi Shemesh
Ifat Tzalel
Project Manager
Natasha Voskoboinik


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