Operational consulting is designed specifically for you if you are the company owner and feel the need for change but do not know how or find it difficult to carry out the idea. It is here to help your company through accredited, external and objective professionals.
There is a proven difficulty in companies lacking process motivation, thus creating hold-ups, which hinders advancement, decreases revenue, and causes significant harm.
Operational consulting aims to improve company processes and complete the processes to the end efficiently and safely. Our professionals will be able to resolve the problem(s) existing in your company using various, diverse means, advanced instruments, and technologies.

COR will grant you the very best operations consulting in the field.

What is included in the process, and for whom is it intended?

The consultation process is performed circularly and includes:

  • Gathering operational information
  • Analyzing the company’s information
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Proposals for procedural improvements
  • Proposals for compatible alternatives
  • Building and organized and written work plan
  • Close supervision by professionals to implement the work plan
  • Control and inspect the entire process

Thanks to this in-depth process, comprehensive control over the company’s work processes is possible.
Everything is done in an active manner that brings results without comprising quality.
The appropriate experience and in-depth knowledge of information systems are required to carry out the process.

Furthermore, the work of an operations consultant requires a great deal of experience in the field and an objective look at what is happening. All of the above will assist the company’s management in achieving its goals, completing the process, and achieve results.
An operations consultant can adapt to companies of all sizes, complex and complicated operational processes, factory management, etc.

We will provide you with the leading professionals in the field

COR is a company with over two decades of experience. The work processes are carried out professionally and accurately.
Everything is done efficiently and safely with our leadership staff.
We operate using leading technologies and advanced techniques.
COR grants reliable service and emphasizes quality.
Our operations consulting is among the best in the country.

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