Consulting, planning, management, and control in operation & maintenance for structures and public transportation infrastructures

COR deals in planning, consulting, managing, and controlling operation & maintenance services for structures and public transportation infrastructures while offering innovative, technology-based solutions adapted to a unique standard for operating public transportation developed by the company’s staff.

The company has unique experience in consulting, managing, and controlling complex and diverse public transportation projects, from supervising mega-projects such as the Haifa Bay Transportation Hub, Terminal 4/9 for electric buses, and the new Haifa cable car to planning, managing, and operating end of the line terminals.

The company’s staff is developing a unique standard for operating transportation terminals and is a partner in formulating design guidelines for constructing new terminals and existing terminal renovations.

The company’s services include many diverse activities, such as:

  • Building an operations concept
  • Formulating design guidelines
  • Design control
  • Data collection and building a facility manual
  • Conducting area surveys and managing a project’s documentation procedure until the receipt of As Made plans.
  • Conducting a structure and systems survey
  • Managing and monitoring terminal defect repair
  • Writing operation, maintenance, and training specifications and appendices
  • Preparing and managing tenders
  • Writing procedures
  • Formulating oversight and control plans
  • Formulating solutions for information systems
  • Oversight and control over the operation of terminals and stations.

The company’s staff includes infrastructure, operations & maintenance experts, who provide full supervision and guidance for the design, construction, and operation of transportation infrastructures in a minimal time and at a minimum cost.

The staff also includes operation & maintenance experts working in complex public transportation projects, including operation of the Haifa cable car, the Haifa Bay Transportation Hub, Phases I & II of the Fast Lanes (Highway 5) of Ayalon Highways Co., Highway 6, Terminal 4/9 on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and dozens of additional transportation terminals.