The company’s services include preparing a master plan for waste in the public and private sectors, managing and writing waste disposal tenders, garbage room design, and means for waste disposal within and outside the structure.

The design includes a review of various alternatives for waste disposal, recommendations for the location and dimensions of garbage rooms, and a compactor. The design emphasizes the radius of rotation of the garbage truck, the room’s height, and many other components in the system.  Inside the building, emphasis is placed on the solutions of the two-story garbage rooms, the ventilation system, and the prevention of odor nuisances, such as the janitorial system and operation of the garbage chute.

The consultation includes a process for preparing waste appendices for office, residential, commercial, and industrial structures until the permit vis-a-vis the certified authorities.

It is important to emphasize that it is possible to save on operating costs and maintain the systems over the years with the correct design of the garbage system.