Maintenance consulting is designed to look at an additional planning angle from the maintenance aspect of a new complex or structure.
The objective of the consultation is to allow the developer to anticipate how the structure will operate, be maintained, and ensure that clients and employees are satisfied, along with significant savings in management and maintenance fees. The entire process is performed using a methodology developed by the company that enables process modeling of the structure’s operation and maintenance procedures while still in the design phase through advanced technologies.
When examining the operational and maintenance aspects as early as the design phase, we create a reality of less costly maintenance and more successful operation of the structure.
Consultation, operation, and maintenance are also intended for existing projects and involve observing the current operation and maintenance system, drawing conclusions, and planning a new, more efficient alignment.

It is important to note that accurate maintenance specifications and preparation of detailed maintenance and operational costs will reduce costs and increase the level of maintenance to its highest possible level.

Maintenance consulting is also performed for investors planning acquisition and want to know the state of the property’s maintenance.
At the end of the maintenance consulting process, professionals produce a defect report and opinion that summarizes the structure’s condition, including a detailed listing of the costs for repairing the listed defects.

COR is a company that specializes in maintenance and offers its clientele maintenance services and consultation through the best experts and professionals in their respective fields.

Maintenance Consulting – A Detailed List of Activities

Proper maintenance consulting includes several important and basic processes:

  • Surveys on the state of the structures’ maintenance, infrastructures, and systems.
  • Oversight on maintenance work, for example, concerning renovations, electrical, plumbing, and more, by a professional staff of contractors or institutional personnel.
  • Equipment registration, scanning, set-up, and organization.
  • Drawings, computerization, coordinating systems, service and maintenance alignments.
  • Consultation on a wide gamut of subjects related to structural maintenance.

To ensure that the consulting process is carried out professionally and maximize the company’s savings from its entrance into such a process, it is advisable to hire a reliable and leading company in its field that can provide the best, most efficient, and cost-effective service.

We will make sure to advise you in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.

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