Building Test- Operation & Maintenance for Residential Structures

The State of Israel is making significant changes in all aspects related to residential construction. The building is becoming taller, very tall – hundreds of people populate today’s residential towers. This reality requires a dramatic concept change concerning residential structure operation and maintenance.

Moreover, the State of Israel is characterized by tens of thousands of residential structures that are decades old and suffer from neglect and defective maintenance. The result can be devastating to frequent system shutdowns and the complete collapse of a structure.

COR offers its clients the use of effective tools for integrating operation & maintenance in their building’s life cycle via several processes:

·       In the plan provisions phase: Writing a binding maintenance appendix including guidelines for operational planning, for the operational program, the maintenance fund, facility manual, and for submitting an estimate.

·       In the design phase: Filing an operational program, building an operations concept, construction support operations, systems, and finishings.

·       In the construction phase: Approval of the facility manual, management contract, and occupants training.

·       In the operation phase: Building test, maintenance fund management, and the ongoing maintenance of the structure.

COR is a company with over two decades of experience in consultation, operation, and maintenance. Our company employs only the best professionals, each of whom is an expert in their respective fields, and will provide you with comprehensive and professional maintenance consulting.

The service experience that we provide our clients is a journey in which we are present at any given moment – from the initial to the final phase.

COR is at the forefront of all that is related to smart tools and technological means to perform its task in the most professional, efficient, and cost-effective manner for the client.