Preventive maintenance means building a periodic care alignment for the system that includes performing regular operations at a scheduled frequency to maintain the system over time and prevent system malfunctions, subsequent deterioration, and even complete shutdown. This method is common and popular, especially in maintaining complex technical equipment. COR provides maintenance process review services and the client’s most compatible solution(s) with a high level of service, professionalism, and efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance – is important and necessary for the security of the company, its people, and the organization

it is necessary to perform routine maintenance to verify that the systems have full functionality.

Preventive maintenance can prevent severe accidents and malfunctions that can cause irreversible harm in your company’s activities and put your employees at a life-threatening risk level. In addition, through preventive maintenance, we will be able to identify the malfunction/defect and rectify it, thus preventing its future reoccurrence. Preventative maintenance verifies that all systems are in proper working order, operating as designed, identifying even the most minor faults that may pose a risk, and addressing them ASAP without thinking twice. Defects are not always visible; it requires high sharpness and skill to identify.

We will ensure that the choice of maintenance method is compatible with the client, its company and perform its work professionally and efficiently.

COR specializes in maintenance consulting and preventive maintenance, with a highly professional staff consisting of maintenance experts that provide full-scale supervision and oversight for all aspects of the project’s maintenance. We come after years of experience and countless important and complex projects carried out in Israel, including the establishment of unique supply centers for the IDF, the Israel Police Training Center, the entrance quarter to Jerusalem, Raanana City Square, ICT Campus, Rishon Lezion Discount  Campus, and many more projects. Our company will provide you with the best service from start to finish and provide close and personal guidance and supervision.

At COR, we believe in professional, trustworthy, and efficient service. According to its requests, a service adapted personally to the client lets us ensure that the service we are providing is accurate, effective, and of high quality over time.