Everyone knows to say how much it costs us to build. What about the costs of operating and maintaining the structure’s systems and finishes over the years?

An operations and maintenance estimate prepared by professionals trained and experienced in the various fields of facility operations and maintenance is a significant tool for a company’s decision-making process.

COR has extensive experience in performing operations and maintenance estimates for various projects (from the most complicated to simplest projects) while objectively examining the condition of the area and individual compatibility of professional design, operations, and maintenance services to the needs of the business.

The company emphasizes innovative solutions based on comprehensive knowledge and performs hundreds of estimates for various projects.

A skilled and qualitative response will undoubtedly constitute a quality solution and ensure the project’s optimal maintenance and operations efficiently and at a particularly affordable cost.

An operations and maintenance estimate – a qualitative response for all the company’s needs

An operations and maintenance estimate focuses on several significant areas:

  • This process emphasizes an accurate examination and characterization of your company’s needs. This gathering of information enables skilled professionals to define in a most precise manner the type of structure, the services supplied to the structure, and the inventory of systems and equipment in the structure.
  • Characterization of the various cost generators, per the type of buildings, the various uses, and systems in the building, including components of in-depth restoration.
  • This operations estimate will assist in characterizing and improving various work processes and aid in an upgrade of the company’s activity, thereby making it significantly more effective.

Choosing the most effective activity of the business

A referral to the professional services of COR allows you to receive a correct picture of the operational and maintenance expenses in the project. Something that undoubtedly assists you to improve and upgrade your company’s operational procedures for maximum utilization of the various work processes.

Our company provides a professional service and attitude that brings tangible benefits to all operational aspects of your business. A point that assists in the qualitative and accurate extraction of the company’s conduct in various processes to obtain the high-quality response you require.
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